It's a pretty steep price to stay at the ranch. Make sure  you bring enough to cover your stay. Our price for admission is as follows: 

  • An attitude ready to work
  • A bottle of your favorite bourbon/whiskey to add to the bar collection
  • $20 to put toward firewood if you are coming during the winter months. 

What To Bring

The cabin is set up to sleep 8 people comfortably. We have 4 sets of of bunk-beds with linens and pillows so there is no need to bring sleeping bags. Outside of the bunk-beds, there is a loft space to sleep additional guests, and plenty of couches and space for air mattresses. 

The kitchen is fully stocked with cooking equipment, an additional freezer chest and a gas grill on the porch. We'd encourage you to stop in downtown Vevay at the IGA to pick up any food/drink you'll need for your time there. 

In planning your stay, the key is to focus on what you need on your person during your stay. The biggest need is plenty of clothing and hiking gear to get you outside. There is laundry and towels on-site which are available for guest use as well. 

For your entertainment, we'd recommend bringing DVD's if it looks like its going to rain. We have one flat-screen tv that shows DVD's only. Additionally, we have a series of board and table games that you are welcome to use, however you could always bring your favorite.