FREESTANDING - 4th of July at Three Button Ranch
to Jul 4

FREESTANDING - 4th of July at Three Button Ranch

The 2nd annual 4th of July celebration of freedom is back! 

FREESTANDING - Camping, over-the-top fun, and of course combustables are taking over the grounds at Three Button Ranch, and you are invited. 

Come and go as you please during this five-day-weekend. YES. The holiday is on a Tuesday this year so we are packing 5 full days of fun. 


  • Pack up and hit the road as fast as you can get out of the daily grind. Freedom awaits! 
  • We'll be setting up camp and getting everyone settled in for the evening. If low-key is your thing, this is your night. 
  • WHAT TO EXPECT: Campfires, Music, Cocktails and General Hangin. 
  • WHAT TO BRING: If you are staying the night, bring your camping gear. We'll be working on a food plan so stay tuned there. If you are a cocktail aficionado, bring your supplies and some plastic cups to share your swill. 


  • This first full day of the summer celebration kicks off with a bang. We'll do a breakfast of coffee and an over the top cereal bar. 


  • If you like beer, like we like beer. This is your day. We'll be kicking off the first ever Three Button Ranch Beer Olympics. This full day team building activity is certainly one to bring friends together and make some new ones. 
  • Don't like beer? The spectator portion of this event will still warrant some active participation. Trust us on this one. 


  • After a solid siesta, our night will be filled with a banquet of grilled rations for a freedom feast.
  • That's right, the first ever THREE BUTTON RANCH PIG ROAST! 
  • Making it's Three Button Ranch debut, we're pleased to bring to you "Club Button" with DJ Bergs. This night of loud music and plenty of dancing and shenanigans will be a great free for all. 
  • We'll be bringing out the roman candles and other assorted gun powder this evening. 
  • WHAT TO EXPECT: If there is a day not to miss this weekend, this is it. Tons of fun in the sun. 
  • WHAT TO BRING: If you are participating in beer olympics, more details will follow. 



  • If the suns out, we'll be out. Sunday is "day in the sun day" at Three Button Ranch and we're again pulling out all of the stops. 
  • Back again for a second year is our outdoor (and improved) hay-bail pool. That's right, we are assembling a pool that morning for all sorts of swim-related hangs. 
  • WHAT TO EXPECT: Margaritas, slip n slides and a few shallow-depth cannon balls. 
  • WHAT TO BRING: Your favorite pool-side beverage, trunks and a towel. Oh, and don't forget the SPF. 


  • When the pool is done for the day, we'll move the party back up to the cabin for a night of hot tubbing, games and fire-side chats. 
  • WHAT TO EXPECT: Story swapping from the day before. Aloe applications and fireside bourbons. 
  • WHAT TO BRING: Yourself and a tent. 



  • We'll be throwing down on some omelets on Monday morning as we ease into the day.
  • Some of you may be in the office given that it's not an official holiday so we'll rest up in your absence.
  • If you are interested, we're going to be working on a collaborative series of art installations throughout the property. We'd love your help and your fingerprint left behind.  


  • The party continues at Club Button as we ring in the 4th of July. We look forward to seeing you there as we take the party out into the field for a night under the stars. 
  • WHAT TO EXPECT: An exploration of the 45+ Acres of Three Button Ranch. If you like parties that push your comfort level, this is for you. 
  • WHAT TO BRING: Bring your camping gear and some brews to share. If you are in for Monday morning breakfast, we encourage you to bring some of your favorite Omelet ingredients for the group to partake in. Don't worry, we got the eggs. 



  • After a full weekend of celebration, we're looking to celebrate our freedom with our family and friends. This day will be filled with family friendly activities. 
  • While you are encouraged to bring your kids the whole weekend, we know that can be a lot. If you want to pick a day, this is it. 


  • In true American fashion, we'll be capping our second annual Freestanding weekend with a night of fireworks and time with loved ones. 
  • WHAT TO EXPECT: A chill holiday, exactly as it should be. 
  • WHAT TO BRING: We'll be heading home at the end of the night so camping might not be the best option. However, firecrackers are encouraged. 


Putting together a weekend like this takes a ton of planning. We ask that you RSVP to help us manage planning purposes. CLICK HERE to let us know you're coming.

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The Kenney Weekend Reception
to Jun 25

The Kenney Weekend Reception


Hannah and Mitch invite you to a weekend celebration of their wedding at Three Button Ranch. 

The day starts at noon with activities throughout the day and capped by a large group format dinner at sun-down. 

Guests that are interested in extending the stay are welcome to camp on the property from the 24th - 26th or reserve hotel rooms at Belterra Casino/Hotel that is 10 minutes from the property. 

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