Started by three friends who wanted a quick get away from the demands of city life, Three Button Ranch has quickly transformed into an environment that fosters creativity, develops personal relationships and encourages exploration and adventure. With a goal of providing this as a space for friends and family to engage with, the property lends itself to just that. 

The ranch is a place of haves and have nots: A plethora of mother nature, animals, and open air to experience freedom. There is also a direct intention to disconnect from the city we love. Cell phone service is non-existent and the internet is a four letter word. 

The Five Marks

Our values for the property rest in 5 key areas that we strive to personify while we reside on and off the Three Button Ranch property: 

  1. WE TAKE A MINORITY POSITION - Serving others is at our core and while this is an escape or sometimes a vacation, we let others go in front of us and put their needs before ours. 
  2. WE WORK HARD - Maintaining 46 acres doesn't come easy. When we are here, we work hard and we have fun while doing it. We believe in the satisfaction of what our bare hands can create. 
  3. WE ARE TEAM PLAYERS - This is a space for community and it's designed as such. Moments of solitude are encouraged, but growth is abundant when doing life together. 
  4. WE PROTECT OTHERS - The outdoors can be a bit wild. Between the coyotes, the rapids, fire and competitive shooting, we are vigilant in taking care of one another. 
  5. WE HAVE VISION - As the property evolves, we plan for the next phases of it's growth and how it can serve even more groups of people. 

Process of Residency 

Come as you are but be ready to work. In exchange for a few hours of hard work, we take in each other’s company, share big meals and drink until we’ve had our fill. 

The invitation is extended when we’re certain you have a good heart, a strong work ethic and align with our key mission drivers.